Introducing the most Compact and Versatile table model 6210-C with pump feed option available!


This is a machine that will beautifully fit on any counter and quietly operate to deliver perfect servings of ice cream or frozen yogurt.  It is built with functions that you dream for from such a slim and elegant body:

  • Microprocessor control system with full displays of critical system information
  • Ability to set daily automatic routines to reduce actions required from operator
  • Standby mode to maintain product temperature overnight
  • Hopper agitator available to add to prevent product separation
  • Soft system start that reduces noise and stress on transmission
  • Pump feed model available in the same slim cabinet
  • Direct drive pump transmission that eliminates consumable moving parts
  • Defrost function during cleaning to significantly increase cleaning efficiency
  • Quick Freeze function to provide faster service after long idle period
  • Self-closing dispensing valve with speed control

Even greater news is that this model will increase profitability in a snap but need no big check!   It is ideal for any business with limited counter space to expand manu for ice cream, especially for restaurants, bars, kitchens, convenience stores and delis.


Contact your local distributor or fill out the request form for more information.

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